What Sets Us Apart

At Silva Orthodontics, we believe in creating a patient-centered practice. Our patients are the heart of our practice; they come first, and everything we do is aimed towards meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Orthodontics with a strong emphasis on preventive hygiene measures:

Dr. Silva is a firm believer in preventive dental care.  We implement preventive oral hygiene measures at the beginning and during your orthodontic treatments to minimize or prevent common complications of orthodontic treatments, such as gum problems and cavities.  To show you our dedication to this, every patient that starts treatment with us, receives a complimentary Waterpik®, which is clinically proven to effectively flush out the bacteria and food debris from around teeth and under the gums.

Personalized attention and one on one doctor time at every appointment:

Dr. Silva evaluates and treats every patient at each appointment herself.  She carefully goes over your treatment plan at each visit to ensure great progress and optimal results.  We are honest and communicate openly with our patients!  We will keep you and your dentist fully informed of your treatment, and will always be there to educate you on any questions you might have regarding your orthodontic care. 

Patient-centered approach:

We truly believe in doing what’s best for our patients. Every treatment is planned and implemented with a patient-centered philosophy, customized to meet your specific needs and lifestyle.

Affordable treatment options with flexible no-interest payment programs:

We offer an individualized payment plan to meet the lifestyle of each of our patients. We work with you and make it affordable for you to have treatment. We do not want the finances to get in the way of the treatment that you deserve. Dr. Silva is a provider for ALL PPO insurance plans to ensure you have the lowest possible treatment fee and the highest insurance reimbursement.

Educational excellence:

We are committed to maintaining a team of highly-motivated individuals. We will continuously strive to stay current with the advances of the field of orthodontics by pursuing opportunities for continuing education. We want our patients to feel comfortable and confident that we have the training and the skills to provide them with the latest, most effective treatments.